PCCS / Purifying Ceramic Conversion System

The PCCS is a 4 Stage Counter-Top Purifying Ceramic Conversion System and is the perfect fit for those looking for a convenient way to create Alkaline Antioxidant water that have a municipal water or well water supply. Most municipal water or well water needs to be filtered before it can be converted to High Alkaline, Antioxidant Water. The PCCS now comes with a medium Tornado unit attached. The Tornado unit further amplifies the oxygen level in the water making it even more powerful!

This unit is great for those that rent or those that are looking for a portable unit they can take w/ them when or if they move.
This unit attaches easily to most kitchen faucets and purifies the water through the first two stages and then creates Alkaline Antioxidant water in the final stages. We believe it is the most cost effective device of it’s kind in the marketplace today.

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